How to Avoid Dishonest Auto Repair Shops

Mistakes There are many reasons why we buy cars. Some purchase them for luxury, others for transport or commercial towing business, and the rest, probably the majority, for convenience. We need to get to our workplace faster without relying on cabs; we need to take our families out without having to rent a car, among other reasons. Therefore, it is important to keep them in good conditions to maximize their use and our goals. Probably, the best way to achieve this is through finding an auto repair shop that can maintain the perfect shape of our vehicles. However, with the demand for money increasing, there are also dishonest ones who may worsen the condition of your vehicle instead of correcting the problems. The following are some of the ways you can use to identify and avoid dishonest shops.

Note the use of scare tactics

Dishonest mechanics can use scare tactics for two reasons.  First of all, they want to trick you into paying for unavailable repairs. For instance, he can scare you that the car is nearly breaking down if an immediate repair is not done. Many owners tend to directly accept without questioning because, well, they are afraid of accidents. Secondly, they want to prevent you from visiting an alternative shop. Some will even tell you that they are surprised how you got there safely, and call this “luck.” This could make you think that it is extremely risky to drive to another shop.

Always ask questions

askDo not bow to the unscrupulous tactics used by dishonest and incompetent mechanics to apply technical language to keep you off. Ask them for elaborations where you do not understand. If he is qualified, he will always be ready to answer you. If not, he will avoid them. Either way, you can readily understand the type of mechanic you are dealing with, and can thus make valid deductions.



Make them know that you understand the problem

It is common for dishonest auto repair shops to mistreat customers whom they believe are clueless. Do not let them prey on you for this reason; show them that you have a clue, and they will keep off. One way to do it is by describing the actual issue in precise terms. For instance, if your brakes are producing noise, when does that happen? Where exactly? In such a case, they will find it difficult to introduce non-existent problems.


Before asking for service, do not forget to request for certification. Most people overlook it and assume that the authorities must have allowed the auto repair shop to operate because the entire certification is available. It is worth noting that the levels differ, and some are more valuable than others. For instance, the ASE is widely recognized as one of the best. If it is not displayed, ask why.

Second opinion

As the saying goes, ‘always trust your instincts.’ If you realize that, after entering a repair shop, you intuitively doubted their professionalism; seek advice from another shop. Remember that your interests are more important than those of the shop owners. Therefore, walking away should never be a problem.

So, if these steps are keenly followed, chances are high that you will always detect a dishonest shop.

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